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When you brush your teeth, please do not brush your tongue The colour and texture of the tongue coating are important diagnostic clues in Chinese medicine. Please avoid brushing your tongue for at least 48 hours before a visit. If you habitually brush your tongue to prevent bad breath, discuss this with Celina. Persistent bad breath may be a sign of stomach imbalance, and may be an important fact for her to know.

Have a little food in your stomach when you arrive for a treatment. It’s best not to have acupuncture on an empty stomach. Also, refrain from using drugs or alcohol for at least several hours before a treatment.

Relax for a few minutes after a treatment Some patients feel a sense of euphoria after receiving acupuncture. If you feel a little "spacey,” sit quietly for a few minutes until you feel normal. Sipping some warm water or tea may help.

In the hours after a treatment Your body is still going through a physiological re-balancing process. To maximize the treatment effect avoid vigorous exercise, hot tubs, over-eating, and drugs or alcohol for several hours before and after a treatment.


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