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Testimonial 1


"Celina is a wonderful healer with many years of experience and excellent training at a highly regarded graduate school in San Francisco as well as post-graduate study with Raven Lang and others specializing in women's health, pregnancy and postpartum care. She has helped me with immune support and my young daughter with digestive issues.  I trust her and wholeheartedly refer her to friends and family.   

- J.R.,                          


"My son had a really strong case of eczema beginning at 3 months old. Seeing Celina was our saving grace. Through her work with Acupuncture, Shonishin, herbal medicine and the best of recommendations were we able to get him eczema free. He is now one and has been free of pain, itching and extreme discomfort for over 4 months - not to mention, his digestion is back on track also! He loves getting Acupuncture, was very receptive to the herbs and enjoys his visits with Celina's sweet and gentle ways. I highly recommend Acupuncture, herbs and Shonishin from Celina for all kiddies out there!"

- Verena.                                 


Dr. Lyons is incredibly attentive, brilliant and caring! She helped my partner and me so much on our fertility journey! We have had a history of miscarriage and failed IUIs and IVFs. I could not believe that we were able to conceive with her help after only three months of dedicated work. No more shots, no more hormones. She has a way of helping you implement big changes while making them seem doable and worthwhile. She helped to diagnose a deficiency in me that turned out to be a big part of why I kept miscarrying. We have had two successful pregnancies in her practice now... I really do credit her for our beautiful children! She also works with babies and children, so I have been able to bring my little ones into her for colic, constipation....ear infections, and sleeping challenges (mine and my daughter's!) She has been a miracle worker for our family and I could not recommend her more highly.”

- C.A,



Celina is a wonderful and super knowledgeable practitioner! I can’t recommend her enough. After suffering for weeks with strong nausea (any time of day, for hours at a time) I finally booked another appointment with her. Her acupuncture treatment completely transformed my nausea from quite debilitating to very slight. Like magic! For the last week, my relationship with food and exercise has been enjoyable again, and my posture (I’m no longer hunching over) and sleep has improved… I can finally enjoy my pregnancy! If you’re experiencing morning sickness/nausea, go see her!

- E.B. 


My friend recommended Celina’s services to me, for which I am so glad I decided to try! From the first visit, I was very impressed with Celina’s approach and I felt very comfortable with the treatment. Celina is an amazing woman and practitioner! She is very thorough, knowledgeable, compassionate and extremely caring.
I followed her advice right from the beginning and I have experienced improvements from the very first visit!
I am definitely and highly recommending Celina’s services and continue to look forward to the treatments with Celina.

- Anna S.


Celina really is the best of the best. I cannot say enough about how helpful she has been and how much we rely on her knowledge and expertise in my family. She helped me through a high-risk pregnancy and birth and she has been my primary caregiver for various illnesses and issues ever since. My children also adore her. My six year old rarely needs treatments while my 10-year-old has had some significant health issues and needs more frequent visits. When my daughter was recently ill for months with some very significant and distressing symptoms, Celina was the first practitioner who was able to infer the most likely cause and suggest the tests that would best help us figure out what was going on. Despite the complexity and rarity of my daughter's illness, Celina was bang on in terms of figuring out likely causes and treatments. This has often been the case even though my daughter is also under the care of a very skilled naturopath, pediatrician, and GP. Her bedside manner is wonderful and her approach is compassionate and non-judgemental. I highly recommend her services and am so grateful to have found her.  

- S.P.


"Celina has been an incredible person to work with. She has helped my husband and I conceive our second child, as well as care for our first child through most of her childhood illnesses. She has never been anything other than incredibly knowledgeable and completely welcoming and kind. I have learned a lot about Chinese Medicine from her, and how to take better care of our family so that we stay strong and healthy and get sick a lot less. I plan to see her throughout my pregnancy and hopefully I will get to have her help at my birth. We have been so lucky to have her expertise so far.

- Jennifer R.



"When I first met Celina my health was incredibly poor. Worse than that, I felt completely disconnected from my body and my own ability and will to make any changes in the way I was living my life. There was a part of me that had somehow become comfortable in the discomfort that my body and my health brought me. My blood pressure was through the roof, I was extremely overweight and my kidneys were showing early signs of failing…I really sought help only because I was becoming very afraid of where I was heading. Celina was incredibly knowledgeable and from the beginning I felt that she was able to peel back the layers of my condition, to get to the root of my ill health. After the first time she treated me and I started herbs, I felt a dramatic improvement in my health. From there on I became an engaged partner in my return to good health and to a life that I now feel so blessed to have.  I always felt that Celina respected me and saw this time of healing for me as more than just improved physical health, but as a time to come back to myself as a person. After just three months of working with Celina, my blood pressure is normal, I have lost almost thirty pounds, my kidneys seem to be functioning almost perfectly. Most importantly, I know that things will just keep getting better and I feel dedicated to myself and my good health. Thank you, Celina!

 - Marco S.              San Rafael, California


"After trying to conceive for more than a year with no success, I turned to my doctor for advice. A slightly high FSH was believed to be a contributing factor. The doctor referred me to a fertility specialist and suggested I try Clomid, a fertility drug. My husband and I opted to try more natural alternatives before engaging in modern science and pharmaceuticals. I heard that Chinese Medicine could be an effective treatment for infertility and soon I started seeing Celina Lyons for TCM treatments. Celina made me feel optimistic about my goal to conceive naturally. She is an attentive and engaging practitioner. I felt comfortable asking questions—Celina is always very open about the objectives of my treatment, the function of certain acupuncture points and my particular challenges. More than anything, I felt I had an ally on this often trying journey. I’m thrilled to report that after 6 months of treatment, I became pregnant! At 15 weeks, I’m still receiving treatment to help my body accommodate the rapid changes taking place. I’m thankful for the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and Celina’s sincere dedication.​

- Meghan.


"I started to see Celina for a rare bone disorder that caused me a lot of pain in my legs and made it very hard for me to play basketball in my school league and also made it very hard to sleep at night because the pain was so bad it would keep me awake, even with taking pain killers. I had never gotten acupuncture before I started treatment with Celina and I was nervous! She was so nice and it really didn’t hurt to get needles. Once I got used to the idea of it, I really looked forward to my needles and I felt so much better and had so much less pain and swelling in my legs, I slept well again. I also started to have really easy and regular periods and I learned so much more about how to eat better and how to be in charge of my health. I’ve told so many of my friends at school about Celina and about acupuncture and they all think it’s really cool how much it has helped me. And three of them have started to see her for treatment. She is so nice and easy to talk to and I laugh a lot when I go to her, she really is good with teenagers!”

- Dana.


“Celina is awesome! I have had a lot of acupuncturists in my brief time on this planet, Celina was my first Bay Area practitioner and I am not looking anywhere else. She is super with women and kids because she is an unbelievably nurturing and compassionate person (I feel like I can tell her anything - and poor Celina, I think I sometimes do!) My friends now go and see her and so do their kids. I hope to get pregnant again sometime soon and would love her to be the one sticking needles in me during labour!!!!”

- Rebecca R.


“I have been amazed by Celina Lyons and the way that she works with children. I first took my three-year-old daughter to her because she had bouts of severe constipation. She had not had a bowel movement in ten days when I took her to see Celina. With some clear and easy changes to my daughter’s diet and some home massage, and only two visits with Celina she has not missed a day without going to the bathroom. We are so grateful to Celina for her help.”

- F.D. 


Celina Lyons is an incredible Acupuncturist and healer! She was the first practitioner who was able to help me with the progression of my M.S. When I came to her I was struggling to even get in and out of the car, my bed...I was looking at long term disability as my best hope. She literally changed the direction of my health and my life. I am so indebted to her! She is brilliant, takes a very broad system view of your whole life, from food to emotional health to posture. I am so much stronger and happier in the half a year since I started to work with her. I recommend her to anyone who will listen!

- Diana L.

Celina is a skilled and intuitive Acupuncturist and healer and I'm eternally grateful for her knowledge, care and grace.  She has treated and cared for me throughout my pregnancy and postpartum periods which helped me manage the incredible transition that my body went through.  She is incredibly easy to talk to and has always made me feel cared for.  Here is a list of some of the issues she's helped me with.  Pain management, migraine treatment, hormone balancing, labour induction.  I also recently saw her for a long-time shoulder injury that I re-injured and I experienced a faster rebound than I EVER had before from the pain and swelling.  She is a miracle worker and a stellar human.  I wish everyone could experience her MAGIC.


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